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Misc Games
3 Foot Ninja 3 Foot Ninja
An extremely good fighting game.

Game Rating 6.40 | Game Plays 6,834

Memory Trial Memory Trial
Flip the cards and memorize. Match all of the pairs.

Game Rating 5.55 | Game Plays 399

Gyroball Gyroball
Navigate your gyroball to the glowing goal of each level wit..

Game Rating 5.29 | Game Plays 225

Galactic Tennis Galactic Tennis
Play interplanetary airhockey with spaceships!

Game Rating 5.26 | Game Plays 268

Letter Rip Letter Rip
Click on 3 or more adjacent letters to make a word.

Game Rating 5.26 | Game Plays 17,424

Airballs Airballs
Bounce the balls on your head. Try and keep them all in the..

Game Rating 5.26 | Game Plays 196

Casino Craps Casino Craps
Play one of the most popular casino games here. Craps is ver..

Game Rating 5.26 | Game Plays 1,953

Maganic Wars Maganic Wars
This is a role cards turn based game in which you use differ..

Game Rating 5.00 | Game Plays 1,982

Maxim's Day Out Maxim's Day Out
Help Maxium catch as many frisbees as possible.

Game Rating 5.00 | Game Plays 252

UFO 101 UFO 101
Mr. Greenberg has just purchased a new UFO, and now needs to..

Game Rating 5.00 | Game Plays 7,914

Crystal Island Crystal Island
Collect as many crystals as you can and avoid the green alie..

Game Rating 5.00 | Game Plays 1,855

Spank the Frank Spank the Frank
Click on the penguins to spank them into the floating basket..

Game Rating 4.17 | Game Plays 2,100

Colors Colors
A computerized version of Simon Says, with music as well.

Game Rating 4.00 | Game Plays 182

Bomb Jack Bomb Jack
Earn points by collecting items and avoiding being bombed.

Game Rating 3.85 | Game Plays 2,391

Abyss Abyss
Click on the groups to remove them before time runs out!

Game Rating 3.70 | Game Plays 178

Catomania Catomania
Try and send the cat into the most uncomfortable situations ..

Game Rating 3.57 | Game Plays 4,152

Bobby World Bobby World
Try and score as many points as possible without dying.

Game Rating 3.45 | Game Plays 2,188

Defend Your Castle Defend Your Castle
Defend your castle from the enemy by sending them mercilessl..

Game Rating 3.12 | Game Plays 51,221

Buzzer Buzzer
Play a simple but extremely challening game where you must m..

Game Rating 3.03 | Game Plays 2,223

Jenga Jenga
Pull blocks from the middle/bottom and try to not make the t..

Game Rating 2.94 | Game Plays 254

Alien Dash Alien Dash
Try and cross the street without getting hit before you are ..

Game Rating 2.94 | Game Plays 1,948

Pirates Revenge Pirates Revenge
Play slots with a pirate based theme and win the loot!

Game Rating 2.86 | Game Plays 2,095

The Mini Jump Game The Mini Jump Game
Fun new game released by Mini USA. Fantastic graphics and pl..

Game Rating 2.86 | Game Plays 332

Drunk Driver Drunk Driver
Get into the drunk driver championship and test how long you..

Game Rating 2.86 | Game Plays 24,742

Mad Cows Mad Cows
Stop the mad cows from taking over your farm.

Game Rating 2.78 | Game Plays 1,873

Splat 'em Splat 'em
Splat food all over the people you really hate.

Game Rating 2.78 | Game Plays 218

Mashi Mario Mashi Mario
Move Mario through the course without being injured.

Game Rating 2.56 | Game Plays 2,433

Anacondas Anacondas
Grab as many orchids as you can in the time alotted. The fa..

Game Rating 2.56 | Game Plays 231

Interactive Boogy Interactive Boogy
Select a song and break out the funky weird moves to each of..

Game Rating 2.50 | Game Plays 12,524

Jumpin Jacko Jumpin Jacko
Try and make it to the doors without being touched by the ot..

Game Rating 2.44 | Game Plays 1,883

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