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Puzzle Games
Pipe Mania Pipe Mania
Align the pipe pieces to get the water to reach the drain.

Game Rating 7.00 | Game Plays 9,561

Bloomin' Gardens Bloomin' Gardens
Prevent the garden going wild. Get the plants in lines of 5 ..

Game Rating 6.27 | Game Plays 4,289

Steppenwolf Steppenwolf
Move Steppenwolf through the world and solve the puzzles and..

Game Rating 6.00 | Game Plays 365

Sudoku Sudoku
Give your brain a workout with this ancient game of logic an..

Game Rating 6.00 | Game Plays 237

YoudaCamper YoudaCamper
Dream up your very own campsite in this adventurous manageme..

Game Rating 6.00 | Game Plays 8,880

Konnectors Konnectors
Build a road linking the starting point to the end point.

Game Rating 5.88 | Game Plays 474

Roll On Roll On
A very good puzzle game. Can you land the ball on the spot?

Game Rating 5.82 | Game Plays 2,253

Pipe Down Pipe Down
Very good puzzle game. Arrange the pipes so water can flow t..

Game Rating 5.55 | Game Plays 2,480

Conundrum Conundrum
Raise all 25 blocks as fast as you can by simply clicking on..

Game Rating 5.33 | Game Plays 1,874

Blox Forever Blox Forever
Place similar colored gem blox together to remove them from ..

Game Rating 5.00 | Game Plays 183

Ultimate Crush Ultimate Crush
Clear the entire game screen by clicking the groups of dots ..

Game Rating 5.00 | Game Plays 248

KinderGarten KinderGarten
Can you run a kindergarten? Get ready for this baby-driven c..

Game Rating 5.00 | Game Plays 10,392

Spark Your Neurons Spark Your Neurons
Remove all but one of the marbles from the board.

Game Rating 4.90 | Game Plays 1,660

Halloween Smash Halloween Smash
Align three or more objects by moving them into place.

Game Rating 4.76 | Game Plays 311

Bomb Defusal Bomb Defusal
You have 20 minutes to find the bomb and restore peace.

Game Rating 4.54 | Game Plays 1,737

Carnival Jackpot Carnival Jackpot
Match up three symbols in a row to add to your score in this..

Game Rating 4.54 | Game Plays 37,642

Wacky Word Search Wacky Word Search
Can you do this wacky word search?

Game Rating 4.54 | Game Plays 25,806

Creepy Crossword Creepy Crossword
Can you finish the creepy crossword?

Game Rating 4.54 | Game Plays 173

Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise
Complete a complicated jigsaw puzzle.

Game Rating 4.17 | Game Plays 407

Add Em Up Add Em Up
Add the numbers up before you run out of moves.

Game Rating 4.17 | Game Plays 34,213

Locked Office Locked Office
You're locked into your office at work, and you've..

Game Rating 4.00 | Game Plays 43,289

Detonator Detonator
Walter is in charge of the bomb disposal team. Help him deto..

Game Rating 4.00 | Game Plays 201

Cubeez Cubeez
Match similar patterns in an array of cubes in this 3D puzzl..

Game Rating 3.85 | Game Plays 2,174

Rush Hour Madness Rush Hour Madness
Can you park the traffic in the least moves?

Game Rating 3.57 | Game Plays 2,344

Quick Rotation Quick Rotation
Can you rotate the screen to finish the code?

Game Rating 3.57 | Game Plays 1,719

UR Checkers UR Checkers
Nice game of checkers.

Game Rating 3.57 | Game Plays 1,961

Jungle Crash Jungle Crash
Make a group of 3 or more similar colored tiles disappear.

Game Rating 3.33 | Game Plays 2,349

Jail Escape Jail Escape
Find your way out of the jail cell by using logic.

Game Rating 3.23 | Game Plays 3,075

Chain Reaction Chain Reaction
Create a chain reaction in this wonderful puzzle game.

Game Rating 3.23 | Game Plays 1,691

Add Like Mad Add Like Mad
Test you adding skills in this game.

Game Rating 3.23 | Game Plays 150

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